We recently had cause for urgent help when a set of ridge tiles on our roof were blown off in a gale.

When things like this happen and you also realise that the rain is coming down harder than it was before the event you start to panic somewhat. I had visions of the whole roof coming off and the ceilings getting drenched from the rain, or worse.

This is when you need expert help and people who you can trust to do the work as quickly as possible and in a proper fashion.

My first thought was to go back to the company who had fitted the tiles, but I felt I just could not trust them to do a good job and so I turned to Paramount Roofing again, as they had done excellent work for us on a previous occasion and more importantly they were local to our area.

Once I had contacted Graham, he arranged to come around first thing in the morning. True to his word he arrived early and made the necessary checks to determine the extent of the problem and put a temporary fix in place. One of the big issues was the wind and the fact that many of the roof tiles were broken during the dislodgement and the loss of the ridge tiles. Worse still, the ridge tiles had been fitted by someone I would have to refer to as, a cowboy of the worst kind. Not only had they not done a good job, they had left the roof in a very dangerous condition, such that the tiles near the ridge could have slid straight off the roof to the drive below; I dread to think now what could have happened.

Graham and his team made a thorough survey and worked most of the day to correct the dangerous roof and replaced the broken tiles as well a properly fit the plastic ridge tile system previously so badly installed. Not only did they do the work, they also explained what they would do before hand and took photographs to show the work at different stages, so you could see they were doing the work properly.

I would also say they put themselves out as well, since they helped search for missing ridge tiles around and about the street and find a supply of roof tiles which were no longer in production. I was left feeling confident the work had been done by real professionals and the repairs were sound and I’m sure will stand the test of time. Furthermore, they left the premises in a clean condition, they took away the old damaged wooden debris and the broken tiles. If I need more help I know exactly where I will be getting it from in future.

Date Added: 23/4/13