Slating & Tiling


Don’t suffer the consequences of damaged slates or tiles!

A damaged slate or tile roof covering can lead to leaks and wind spray which can cause problems like structural timber damage.

Roof leaks, wet exterior walls, cracked, damaged and missing slates or tiles are just a few of the symptoms of a slate or tile roof which requires repair, recovering or reroofing.

Retiling or reslating a roof is necesssary once the existing coverings are at the end of their useful life.

Paramount retiling & reslating services

Our services include the reslating, retiling, repair and refurbishment of existing roofs. We use tiles manufactured by leading roofing material producers such as Marley Eternit, Sandtoft and Monier Redland and natural slating materials.


We also source new and second hand slates and tiles to match and blend with your existing weathered coverings and can also suggest cheap alternatives such as artificial slate and modern concrete tiles.

To accurately assess the damage or problems within a roof, a roof survey may be required to identify the underlying condition of the structure and any remedial work needed.

Where the roof structure and slates or tiles are generally sound, the existing roof covering may be refurbished.

Refurbising a slate or tile roof requires a partial overhaul of the existing coverings, identification and isolation of the defective areas that are evident, the stripping back of these areas and reinstatement of the covering with a patchwork of existing and new or reclaimed materials that match the existing slates or tiles.

Rely on our expertise to help you choose

When you request a free quote for work to a tile and concrete slate roof, we will assess your roof and discuss the main project considerations such as the optimum roof covering based on your location and roof structure, the aesthetic qualities required and the existing roof covering.

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